History of Agriculture in Sonoma County


History of Agriculture in Sonoma County
Presentation with Dr. Mara Vejby
Thursday, December 1, 7:00-8:30pm
Location: Heron Hall, Laguna Environmental Center, 900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
$10 (non-refundable). Pre-registration required: www.lagunafoundation.org

“I firmly believe, from what I have seen, that this is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as nature is concerned” (Luther Burbank). The rich and unique microclimates of Sonoma County have supported a variety of crops over the centuries: hops, wheat, prunes, apples, grapes, pears, and cherries, just to name a few. Each has contributed to shaping the culture and landscape of this county. Come hear the stories of the people who planted these crops and the changes in cultivation that took place over the years.

Dr. Mara Vejby is an archaeologist at Santa Rosa Junior College, College of Marin, and Sonoma State University. She is also the Director of Locality Research and Preservation, connecting communities to their pasts and preserving a link to these histories through public outreach and engagement. Dr. Vejby’s interest in people’s interactions with the past has shaped her research on the Roman reuse of prehistoric sites in Gaul, as well as her current work to highlight and preserve our local history and archaeology.

To register: http://www.lagunadesantarosa.org/laguna_walks_classes.shtml

For more information, contact Anita Smith, Public Education Manager, (707) 527-9277 x110 or anita@lagunafoundation.org
  • Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation
    900 Sanford Rd, Santa Rosa
  • Thursday Dec 1, 2016
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